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Potion #1. Concentrated Car Shampoo

Potion #1 is a specially formulated high foaming car wash shampoo.

Product Information

Potion #1 – Concentrated Car Shampoo

Potion #1: is a concentrated high foaming car wash shampoo that can be applied using a foam cannon or by hand using a wash bucket. It contains powerful surfactants that safely remove tough dirt and grime without stripping or dulling your vehicle’s painted surfaces. It rinses easily and leaves a film-free high gloss shine every time!

Comes in 1 Gallon and Quart Bottles.

Product Directions:

Mix 5 ounces of potion #1 in 5 gallons of water. Spray vehicle thoroughly with water and apply soap with a clean wash mitt or sponge. Rinse vehicle with water and dry using a clean chamois or premium microfiber towel for a spot free shine.

Note :

Avoid applying in direct sunlight. Do not let product dry on surface. Use only as directed.

"Premium-quality car care products for the car enthusiast to give your car the attention it deserves"

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