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WitchDr706, a division of 4 Noble Quemist, Inc, is a Florida, Veteran Owned, family run company specializing in car care detailing products for the car enthusiast and Do it Yourselfer. We pride ourselves in our products being manufactured right here in the great Sunshine State using the highest quality raw materials and manufacturing processes and with distribution through the United States.

Wicked Car Detailing
Message from

the CEO

As a car enthusiast myself, I have always believed in utilizing the best products available to keep my cars in the best possible conditions and looking pristine.

I like to think that a car is an extension and reflection of who you are. Keeping your car looking sharp not only does it speak volumes about you and your ride but also helps maintain the value of your car.

For that reason, I say, stay wicked using our fine car care detailing products.

Wicked Car Detailing

Customer Relationship

Our reason for existence is to create and maintain a long-term customer relationship by providing you a quality product


Where you can see the difference, that will exceed your expectations, as well as a great and friendly customer service from our staff.


At WitchDR706, we are committed to constantly providing you, our customer and friend, the most innovative car care detailing products.

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